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Fat Burner Diet Pills Ordered, Tan Pills Next

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

My dieting is going pretty well… thank you for asking hehe. I have been slogging my guts out at the gym and when doing my grocery shopping. I have been drinking alot of healthy smoothies. I have some great recipes that taste great so these are helping me stick to my goals.

This weekend past i went to my nieces birthday party and i ate the smallest piece of cake you can imagine. For this i am very proud of myself. I must add that this was an extreme test as the cake was superb lol.

In the gym i have been doing something called hot yoga which i enjoy as well as my beloved swimming. I was a really good swimmer in my slimmer days. I am much slower now but once i lose all of this weight i plan on being as fast as i once was.

I started using some Clenbuterol  and some eca fat burner alongside each other over the weekend. I saw a good t5 fat burner review on amazon which persuaded me to try some for myself.

One thing i have noticed so far is that they have killed my appetite greatly. For this reason alone they are worth the money and more hehe. I have not lost any weight on the scales since using but i am hoping this will change very soon. I was thinking of trying a clenbuterol cycle in future but the potential side effects scare me.

tanned dieted slim female model

My ultimate goal right here 🙂