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So How Do Tanning Tablets Work Exactly?

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Do you long for a glowing tanned skin, but you are too busy to lay out in the sun? No worries! Sunless tanning is available to give you that fresh and flawless “just-come-from-the-beach” look.

Nowadays, there is no need for slavish sunbathing, thanks to fake tanning. Fake tan has certainly become the new normal. It is an alternative to sunbathing which carries some risks. Sunless tanning is indeed in the vogue, offering a glamorous glow and it looks like it is here to stay.

With quality tan tablets now available, it is easy to obtain fabulous results without even heading to the salon.

Some of the tanning tablets found in the market consist of a naturally occurring chemical known as Canthaxanthin, which is found in some plants and animals. Generally, it is a color additive – basically a food coloring – used to give foods an orange or red hue. A salad dressing’s ingredients list with either Food Orange 8 or Red 10 on it is an indication that it contains Canthaxanthin.

There are some side effects such as the deposition of crystals in the eyes as well as growth of welts associated with excessive ingestion of Canthaxanthin. That is what makes some tanning tablets unsafe to use. So, how do tan tablets work?

Here is how they work:

CanthaxanthinA brown pigment known as melanin is what dictates the color of your skin and it is what facilitates tanning. Actually, tanning is the skin’s way of shielding itself from the rays of the sun. However, once you take tanning pills, you totally alter the way you develop a tan without the involvement of UV rays or melanin.

Canthaxanthin is the active ingredient in tanning tablets that stimulates a tan and basically, it works the same way as it colors food. Canthaxanthin dissolves in lipids that constitute the tissue directly under the epidermis. The color then attaches on the cells below the skin to give it a darker tint.

It is important to note that tanning pills do not make you to tan instantly. A buildup of the dye is necessary and you will see results after about two weeks of consistent use. Also, if you wish to stop it, it will take about the same time for your skin to shed the color.

How Spa Tanning Tablets Work

Spa Tanning Tablets differ from some other self-tanning products. Consumers should take note that these exclusive tablets do not contain carotene or canthaxanthin or any artificial ingredients but pure organic ingredients that interact with your body.


Spa Tanning Tablets’ FDA approved natural ingredients stimulate the production of melanin in a gentle manner. This in turn produces that crucial pigmentation, thus creating a tanned look. This means that your skin will not turn unnatural orange color. Instead, regardless of how fair your skin tone is, they will actually turn your skin a light golden color, giving you a natural-looking tan.

These tablets can work even without the sun. However, the tanning process is speeded up even further with some exposure to the sun’s rays. As such, you will finally end up acquiring a deeper tan much faster. This will actually limit the need for you to expose yourself to harmful ultraviolet rays. These tan tablets are safe and have no side effects.

Give Spa Tanning Tablets a try and you will find that they work.

Turinabol Only Cycles Discussed

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Turinabol also fondly referred to as Tbol, is what individuals wanting to experience the efficacy of dianabol and the safety of anavar dream of.  Tbol is actually the least known form of dianabol, although they differ in their action, applications and effect on the athlete’s health despite their familiarity.

Turinabol is actually a derivative of dbol that has gone through specific modifications in its chemical structure. As such, it can’t interact with the aromatase enzyme, meaning it is not possible for it to convert into astrogen.  A person using it does not need to be concerned about astrogenic side effects such as water retention, higher blood pressure, gynecomastia, as well as subcutaneous fat buildup. This means that it will not be necessary to use aromatase inhibitors (AI) when Turinabol is used whether on its own or with other non-aromatizing steroids.


Besides, Turinabol binds very weakly to an enzyme known as 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  Thus, because the majority of androgenic side effects are triggered by DHT, this will not occur with Tbol.  This is welcome news for individuals with a predisposition for acne and male pattern baldness. Furthermore, Tbol offers a double bond between Carbon 1 and Carbon 2, additionally lessening its androgenic activity.

Consequently, Tbol provides leaner, and drier gains than dbol offers. The most important thing is that a greater percentage of these gains will be maintained on the completion of the Turinabol only cycle. Users who are used to dbol’s way of action will not realize such rapid and drastic gains although the musculature will have a remarkable quality. There is a very popular misconception that alleges that dbol is much stronger than Tbol is – which is not entirely true. This is due to the fact that the quick gains made with dbol are mostly water and fat and will be lost soon after the cycle is completed. On the contrary, Tbol’s gains contain neither water nor fat, and this gives them an increased durability and quality.

Turinabol Only Cycles

Hepatotoxicity is the main side effect of Turinabol.  Tbol is a c17aa steroid, meaning it presents specific liver toxicity. So, Turinabol only cycles’ duration should not last more than 6 weeks, during which it is necessary to use liver supporting ancillaries.Turinabol Only Cycles

Stressed lipid levels is another side effect often experienced with anabolic steroids. Steroids usually affect the cholesterol levels; they reduce High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), and raise Low Density Lipoprotein. Turinabol has a significant impact on the ability of the liver to process cholesterol, thanks to its c17 alpha alkylation. Therefore, a user should pay close attention to lipid profiles during Turinabol only cycles.

Turinabol is one of the most side-effect friendly steroids and it normally compared to Anavar and Primobolan in this aspect. But like all steroids, it is not completely side-effect free.  That is why natural testosterone boosters need to be incorporated as ancillaries during Turinabol only cycles.  Also, a post cycle therapy should follow a Tbol cycle considering the fact that Tbol causes suppression just like all the other steroids.  If this is not done, the body will not manage to fully recover, something that can lead to the permanent suppression of the natural testosterone production.