About Us

Hello people. My name is Julia and this is my personal blog. I’m 28 years old and act about 16 still haha.

I absolutely love all things fitness and beauty. I have shed a lot of weight over the years. At many stages, throughout my life, I was classed as clinically obese. I have dropped a massive amount of weight over the last 5 years.

This has been pretty easy because I have totally changed my eating and lifestyle habits. I have tried every diet plan under the sun and many worked well for me. I found that whenever I finished a certain diet I slowly piled the weight back on.

I slowly learnt that to lose and keep the weight off you need to change your whole lifestyle, PERMANENTLY. So that is exactly what I did.

I also love nothing more than getting glammed up and hitting nightclubs. I could dance every night and not get bored.

My blog is going to discuss my experiences with beauty products, weight loss supplements, nutrition and whatever else crosses my mind at the time.

Anyone that finds there way here I would love for you to leave a comment regarding my articles. I will reply to any questions so please go right ahead and ask away.