Simple and Effective Tips to Lose Weight

Basically you already know the drill as far as losing weight, eat less calories and burn more calories. The simple truth is many diets just do not work well for some people regardless how committed they are to the plan. One way that you can easily lose the weight is by implementing a few simple strategies into your exercise routines that will melt the fat away faster and keep it off for the long haul. Consider these simple and effective exercise tips to lose weight.


Time to Find a Weight Loss Buddy

Whether you find a buddy online or have a friend who is going to push you, you need someone you can tell your weight loss goals to and who will nudge you each day in a fun way to see if you are still sticking to your plan. Telling your friends, you are going to run a few miles a day is great if you stick to it, but usually by day three the excitement is gone and you don’t have that motivation anymore. Tell a buddy about you plan and let them remind you daily and what happens is you don’t want to let them down so you stay the course. Before you know it weeks later you develop new healthy long-term exercise rituals.

Exercise for 45 Minutes Not 30 Minutes

Many exercise programs have routines that are based on working out for 30 minutes at a time. If you can stick to the plan that is great, but if you want to know one of the easiest exercise tips to lose weight, just push yourself an extra 15 minutes to get optimal results. By thirty minutes your metabolism furnace is burning hot, so fat is beginning to melt away. Working out for another fifteen minutes means the heat is already on and you get the benefit of crushing a bunch of extra calories at full throttle. A study by Duke University revealed subjects were burning 300 extra calories just pushing their routines fifteen minutes longer.

Exercise Before You Sit Down for Dinner

If you want to get the most out of your exercise routine, shifting the time you exercise could have a significant positive impact on your weight loss. Rather than exercise first thing in the morning when you are still tired or after dinner when you are feeling bloated, start your workout routine right before dinner. When you begin to heat up your metabolism, it will help to reduce your appetite and produce those sensations of feeling full. Your body gets all the exercise it needs and you wind up eating less at dinner which means less to burn tomorrow. Your body will then start burning the store fat in your body and your frame will start to transform.

The average person walks about 3,000 steps in a day. Purchase a pedometer and strap it on your belt or waistband and aim for walking 1,000 extra steps each day. park the car farther from the entrance to your work or shopping centre. Focus on ways to increase your step count and your weight loss efforts will increase further.

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