The Atkins Diet

When it comes to losing weight, there is one thing you must first consider if you are going to lose the right amount of weight safely. Your body responds differently when you are trying to lose weight. The key to losing the weight is to match your body and your metabolism, then you can create a fat burning furnace that works even when you are asleep. This diet was developed by Dr. Atkins, a cardiologist who showed his patients how to lose weight by reducing their intake of carbohydrates and sugars. Not only did his patients lose weight, they kept it off.

The Key to Losing Weight Successfully

The secret to the Atkins Diet is basic, discovering how your own metabolism is affected by sugars and fats. What was revealed in the diet was quite revolutionary for the time. The fuel that your body is burning has a significant impact on whether you are losing weight or if you are just maintaining your weight. The majority of different diet plans simply tell you to reduce your caloric intake, but you are still consuming carbohydrates that are high in sugars. The result is the person is in a constant shuffle between those afternoon sugar highs and those painful sugar lows. This is a challenging way for anyone to actually lose weight.


The Simplicity in the Plan

To better understand what is the Atkins Diet is and more importantly why it works, you need to compare the basics of the plan with all the other weight loss programs available. Breaking this down to the simplest terms, a typical low-calorie and high carb diet plan results in your sugar levels going up and down several times during the day. This is when excess sugars are being stored in the body as fat and utilized when needed. With the Atkins Diet, the sugar levels are steady throughout so you experience none of the highs and the lows. With a typical low-calorie and high carb diet plan, you have an increase in hunger cravings as well as storing of additional fats. With the Atkins Diet, hunger cravings diminish and so does fat storage.

The Magic in the Plan

The results can do all the talking when it comes to questioning the success of the Atkins Diet. The basic premise of the plan allows you to limit those sugars you intake each day, so that your body starts burning off fat instead of sugar. As you progress through the diet, your body will begin burning more stored body fat for fuel each day. What will begin to happen is the shape of your body will begin to change, yet you will have remainedfuelled during your day. Even when you begin to consume more calories, the weight loss will continue because you are steadily fuelling the body and maintaining those higher energy levels. What will begin happening is you lose weight without even feeling hungry anymore.

If you have had enough of calorie counting in your diet, give the Atkins Diet a try and see the amazing results!

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